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Raise Your Glass…

It is truly relaxing to have a glass of your favourite wine or champagne while enjoying the company of your closest friends. All in the shade of a marquee over green manicured lawns…

Sounds great & it really is!

Victorian Party Hire are proudly able to offer sparkling glasses in solid timber boxes for delivery or collection from our office in Thomastown.

Without a doubt, the busiest place in our business is the kitchen where the commercial dishwasher is running for every hour we are open.

Yes all of our cutlery, crockery, and all glasses are cycled through to ensure they sparkle and are ready to go out again as part of a new order.

We currently stock the following types of glassware:

  • Champagne Flutes 190mls
  • Red Wine 260mls
  • White Wine 210mls
  • Cocktail/Martini 177mls
  • Beer 200mls
  • Beer 285mls
  • Highball Tumbler 285mls
  • Short Tumbler 255mls
  • Shot Glass 34mls

The demand for Champagne & Wine glasses is as strong as ever, with most functions having them as part of their offering.

The normal agreement is for all glasses to be returned clean and dry. Customers that don’t have access to facilities or the time to clean them often choose to pay a cleaning fee instead.

Breakage fees do apply if you have any damaged or missing glasses.

Give us a call to arrange a booking on 03-9464 1555.



Dress It Up With Linen…

It’s the quickest and easiest way I know to transform a standard marque fit out with tables and chairs, into a function with a touch of class.

The most popular linen we supply is the classic white tablecloth for our 1.8m round tables. These are square in shape an present with a nice overhang.

If it’s not these cloths its white linen to suit both sized trestles we offer. The other colour that is requested a lot is red.

But there is no doubt about how sharp they can make a venue look when compared to without them.

Chair covers for the formal celebrations can be finished of with a satin bow to the colour of your choice.

So go ahead and create that element of surprise when your guests enter the room…you will love their reaction.



Please Take A Seat…

Chairs have changed dramatically since the beginning of time.

Cave men would sit on a rock, early explorers balanced skilfully on the side of their boat. During the settlement of the Wild West in America, folks would pull up a hand crafted wooded chair at a wooded table in the local saloon to wash the dust from their throats.

Now in 2019, chairs are produced in many designs and from many materials. Some are definitely more comfortable than others, but each to a certain persons particular taste or desire. Depending on the type of function they have planned.

We receive countless requests by email and phone, where customers are using terms like:

  • Chair hire.
  • Wedding chair hire Melbourne.
  • Cheap chair hire Melbourne.

This is how refined your searches can become to find a supplier with exactly the correct chair to hire.

We deliver thousands of chairs a year, and last year there was even more demand. Most are requesting our white plastic garden chairs, the most economical option and a large percentage of people will tell you they are the most comfortable as well.

There is no question about the convenience of a folding chair. We are currently able a black padded variety of these. We store these in blue crates and during December there always seemed to be trucks leaving our warehouse loaded with blue crates of these black chairs. Extremely popular!

Customers looking to create a more relaxed feel for their celebrations generally opt for cocktail tables surrounded by our black bar stools. This encourages people to mingle and socialise.

If you are organising a wedding ceremony in your favourite park, then this setting deserves our white Americana padded chairs. They look great!

So please take a seat and tell me what you have been up to…


Tables Please…

Just about every marquee that we hire out gets fitted out with some type of configuration that includes tables.

Corporate product launch’s can even vary from rows of trestles; to a super casual feel with cocktail tables sprinkled throughout.

Some of the best looking setups have incorporated 1.8m round tables fitted with beautiful white linen cloths and a centrepiece of flowers and surrounded by white seats.

Another great one was a trestle covered by red linen cloths on grass in a park in South Yarra. Rows of white chairs each side of the tables with white popup marquees provide the shade. All of this was under a perfectly clear blue December sky.

Another table that is hired out through the summer months are our outdoor garden tables. Seats four guests and white in colour.

We currently offer a range of eight different types of tables…so hopefully we are able to help with your needs.

36 Degrees and climbing! Summer is definitely here folks!!


What Type Of Flooring???

This is a question that our customers frequently ask .

So lets go through some of the pro’s & con’s of each.

Synthetic Grass

This is very popular and is the most affordable flooring solution. It can help define an area or present a softer appearance when covering an existing concrete surface. It comes in rolls of the following dimensions:

  • 1.8m wide x 9m long.
  • 3.6m wide x 6m long.

As a result, installation normally requires a slight overlap of each roll. It does feel quite spongy to walk on when installed on top of natural grass. Especially if it has not been mowed to a short length prior to installation. It is frequently installed over tennis courts to protect the existing surface during functions or celebrations. This type of flooring will mirror any uneven surfaces it is installed on. A lot of marquee’s will be fitted out with a timber dance floor up one end, and synthetic grass installed from the edge of the dance floor to the other end of the marquee.


This lightweight outdoor flooring is tough enough to withstand heavy-duty impact while also offering grass protection to safeguard valuable underlying surfaces. Ideal for carnivals, expos, festivals and major events as well as marquee flooring, this dynamic event flooring is pedestrian-friendly. It is best installed on a flat surface for best results. Pro-Floor® EF is portable flooring suitable for a range of surfaces, from synthetic turf to natural grass, and indoor surfaces.

Timber Flooring

Used as a solution for uneven surfaces & dance floors for functions. Installation involves:

  • Laying a subfloor.
  • Packing the subfloor to remove any movement.
  • Fix the black sheets of flooring to the subfloor.

Sheet sizes are 1.2m x 2.4m, and as a result the sizes ordered are normally:

  • 4.8m x 6m.
  • 6m x 6m.

One or a combination of these options can help ensure your party is remembered for years to come.

Don’t You Just Love Summer….

Don’t You Just Love Summer….

Xmas has come & gone for another year. Everyone is slowly returning from holidays and getting back into the swing of things.

Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city is once again putting on some beautiful warm days during January and we are all trying to find some relief in the shade.

As a result our customer service staff have had lots of enquiry about marquee hire & cooling fans.

A major issue to consider when choosing to hire a marquee during this time of year is the high humidity. Airflow dramatically increases the comfort level for your guests in these conditions. Minimising the number of walls being fitted to a marquee can provide a great improvement.

On days where there is no breeze, you will benefit greatly by placing an industrial fan in each of the corners.

When accessing what size marquee you will be able to fit into your preferred location, it is worth considering the following:

  • Ideally use a measuring tape to get an accurate size of the area.
  • If we will be able to install pegs into the ground to secure the marquee.
  • Are there services such as gas or water under the designated area.
  • Is the area clear of obstacles? Items such as clotheslines and garden beds etc. that may restrict the type of marquee we could install in the area.
  • Finally, it’s good to look for any overhead power lines or tree branches that may come in contact with the marquee.

And if you are a little unsure we can always organise a site visit to establish what will fit.


Victorian Party Hire