Don’t You Just Love Summer….

Don’t You Just Love Summer….

Don’t You Just Love Summer….

Xmas has come & gone for another year. Everyone is slowly returning from holidays and getting back into the swing of things.

Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city is once again putting on some beautiful warm days during January and we are all trying to find some relief in the shade.

As a result our customer service staff have had lots of enquiry about marquee hire & cooling fans.

A major issue to consider when choosing to hire a marquee during this time of year is the high humidity. Airflow dramatically increases the comfort level for your guests in these conditions. Minimising the number of walls being fitted to a marquee can provide a great improvement.

On days where there is no breeze, you will benefit greatly by placing an industrial fan in each of the corners.

When accessing what size marquee you will be able to fit into your preferred location, it is worth considering the following:

  • Ideally use a measuring tape to get an accurate size of the area.
  • If we will be able to install pegs into the ground to secure the marquee.
  • Are there services such as gas or water under the designated area.
  • Is the area clear of obstacles? Items such as clotheslines and garden beds etc. that may restrict the type of marquee we could install in the area.
  • Finally, it’s good to look for any overhead power lines or tree branches that may come in contact with the marquee.

And if you are a little unsure we can always organise a site visit to establish what will fit.


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