Please Take A Seat…

Please Take A Seat…

Chairs have changed dramatically since the beginning of time.

Cave men would sit on a rock, early explorers balanced skilfully on the side of their boat. During the settlement of the Wild West in America, folks would pull up a hand crafted wooded chair at a wooded table in the local saloon to wash the dust from their throats.

Now in 2019, chairs are produced in many designs and from many materials. Some are definitely more comfortable than others, but each to a certain persons particular taste or desire. Depending on the type of function they have planned.

We receive countless requests by email and phone, where customers are using terms like:

  • Chair hire.
  • Wedding chair hire Melbourne.
  • Cheap chair hire Melbourne.

This is how refined your searches can become to find a supplier with exactly the correct chair to hire.

We deliver thousands of chairs a year, and last year there was even more demand. Most are requesting our white plastic garden chairs, the most economical option and a large percentage of people will tell you they are the most comfortable as well.

There is no question about the convenience of a folding chair. We are currently able a black padded variety of these. We store these in blue crates and during December there always seemed to be trucks leaving our warehouse loaded with blue crates of these black chairs. Extremely popular!

Customers looking to create a more relaxed feel for their celebrations generally opt for cocktail tables surrounded by our black bar stools. This encourages people to mingle and socialise.

If you are organising a wedding ceremony in your favourite park, then this setting deserves our white Americana padded chairs. They look great!

So please take a seat and tell me what you have been up to…