Drink Service

Frozen Cocktail Machines

Is ice required?
No. The machine freezes the slushy/cocktail itself. If you add ice it will break the turning pedal in the machine resulting in a $400.00 replacement cost.

How long does it take to freeze?
It normally takes around an hour and a half to two hours for the slushy/cocktail to mix depending on the outside temperature. One side will freeze before the other.

How much booze is required?
We recommend 1 standard 700ml spirit bottle per 5 litres of cocktail prepared. This will provide cocktails with 5.2% alcohol content. If you add more alcohol the cocktail may not freeze properly as alcohol doesn’t freeze.

How many litres does each side contain? 
Each bowl contains 10 litres of slushy/cocktail. So a twin bowl machine can hold 20 litres at a time. If you get a 40 litres package, all you need to do is top up the machine as the party goes on.

How do I add more slushy/cocktail? 
Lift the light box on the top of the machine and pour the ready slushy/cocktail straight in. Keep topping it up during the party. Don’t wait until the bowl is empty because it will take another hour for the slushy/cocktail to freeze again.

How many drinks do 20 litres make? 
If you use a standard 200ml cup you will able to make about 110 drinks (this includes 10% expansion in the frozen slushy/cocktail)

What power outlet is needed for the machine? 
The machine requires a standard power outlet.

Can I make my own frozen cocktails? 
No. Our cocktail and mixes are created specifically for frozen cocktail machines and therefore contains the correct sugar consistency that allows the mix to freeze properly and turn into slushy.

Do I need to wash the machine? 
Yes. Just run fresh water through the bowls to get rid of mix leftovers.

Can the machine be placed outdoors? 
The machine must not be exposed to direct sun light. Direct sunlight will melt the light box covers on top of the machine as well as prevent the slushy/cocktail from properly freezing up.

Where can the machine be placed? 
The cocktail machine must be placed on top of a sturdy table, as it is over 80Kg when filled with the slushie/cocktail.