Heating & Cooling

Outdoor Heater & Cooling Fan Hire Melbourne

We offer a range of heating and cooling options for any event.

Melbourne is a great place to live but the weather can be very unpredictable with the potential of having both temperature extremes in one day. February 2017, we had to supply gas heaters for a function to take the chill off the night air. A week later, cooling fans were needed at a reception to help cope with the humidity! Remember when you are organising a party or event we are always here to help!

When planning an outdoor function the heating & cooling requirements are usually the last thing on people’s minds. Initial planning covers Marquee’s and the way the internal decorations will take shape, followed by the seating arrangements for the invited guests… how many tables and chairs? Sound and music setup selected, along with the lighting to set the mood for the celebrations!

Your guests will appreciate you placing our patio heaters throughout the venue to take the chill off the evening air or our fans and airconditioners to offer some relief from the blistering heat.

Our Heating & Cooling Range

We offer a range of outdoor heating and cooling options throughout the wider Melbourne area.

Gas Heaters: Including area/space gas heaters, patio heaters, propane heaters & industrial heaters.
Cooling: Including a range of industrial fans and air conditioning units.

Call us on 03 9464 1555 or enquire online and one of our helpful team members will be in contact to help you with your heating and cooling requirements and event equipment hire.