Timber Trestle Table 1.8m x 0.75m


Timber Trestle Table 1.8m x 0.75m


6ft or 1.8m long x 66.5cm wide

(seats 8 people)

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Trestle tables are always in demand!

They are one of the most efficient ways to utilise space when catering.

At 1.8m long or 6ft in the old scale, you are able to fit 3 adults down each side of the table and 1 on each end.

Guests will be more than comfortably seated on either a white plastic or black padded folding chair.


We offer two types of materials for these tables.

Timber…which inside and solid.

Plastic, we recently added this quality table to the range.


These tables are definitely complimented by the addition of our white linen table cloths.


Table Details:

Length : 6ft or 1.8m long.

Width : 75.5cm wide

Height : – 75.5cm

Capacity : seats 8 people – 3 down each side & 1 on each end.

Please ensure your car is large enough to fit the measurement given above.