Terms and Conditions

Victorian Party Hire – Terms And Conditions

1. ARTICLES SHOULD BE RETURNED CLEAN AND DRY. Otherwise an additional charge will be made.

2. Please immediately inform us of any error on receipt of goods.

3. Balance payable ON or Before Delivery / Pick up.

4. Late returns will be charged for at daily rates.

5. Waiting time will be charged for at hourly rates.

6. Although all reasonable care is taken no responsibility is accepted for any damage that may be caused as a result of the erection and / or dismantling of marquees, etc.

7. Deposit (Less charges for Shortages/Damages/Breakages) is returnable with in 7 days for cash payment, 14 days for eft payment.

8. The Hirer shall accept all responsibility for all accident either to persons or property arising out of the use of any equipment hereby hired however such injury or damage may arise or be caused.

9. All prices are for one hire only unless stated otherwise.

10. The Hirer is responsible for the goods from the time of their leaving the company premises until their subsequent return.

11. The Hirer shall accept all responsibility for damages, breakage’s & shortages and agrees to pay an amount equal to the new replacement cost of the said goods and their relative fees & charges, as advised by the company Victorian Party Hire.

12. Marquee Hire – You are LIABLE.

      No Streamers are to be used in any way shape or form in or on the marquee walls or roofs. 

The dye runs & permanently destroys the marquee equipment. No cooking or use of BBQ’s, Spits or open flame in or close to marquee.

13. Hirer acknowledges receipt of goods listed on the invoice and agrees to the conditions specified hereon.

14. Victorian Party Hire reserves the right to cancel an order at any time should they feel there is a safety risk to staff, customers, customers guests, the general public or property. Such causes can include, but are not limited to extreme weather conditions (inc strong winds & Lightning), public protest, riot, conflicts of any kind, or any other such reason whereby we are concerned for the safety of persons or property. Such cancelation shall result in the full refund of any and all deposits paid.