What Type Of Flooring???

What Type Of Flooring???

This is a question that our customers frequently ask .

So lets go through some of the pro’s & con’s of each.

Synthetic Grass

This is very popular and is the most affordable flooring solution. It can help define an area or present a softer appearance when covering an existing concrete surface. It comes in rolls of the following dimensions:

  • 1.8m wide x 9m long.
  • 3.6m wide x 6m long.

As a result, installation normally requires a slight overlap of each roll. It does feel quite spongy to walk on when installed on top of natural grass. Especially if it has not been mowed to a short length prior to installation. It is frequently installed over tennis courts to protect the existing surface during functions or celebrations. This type of flooring will mirror any uneven surfaces it is installed on. A lot of marquee’s will be fitted out with a timber dance floor up one end, and synthetic grass installed from the edge of the dance floor to the other end of the marquee.


This lightweight outdoor flooring is tough enough to withstand heavy-duty impact while also offering grass protection to safeguard valuable underlying surfaces. Ideal for carnivals, expos, festivals and major events as well as marquee flooring, this dynamic event flooring is pedestrian-friendly. It is best installed on a flat surface for best results. Pro-Floor® EF is portable flooring suitable for a range of surfaces, from synthetic turf to natural grass, and indoor surfaces.

Timber Flooring

Used as a solution for uneven surfaces & dance floors for functions. Installation involves:

  • Laying a subfloor.
  • Packing the subfloor to remove any movement.
  • Fix the black sheets of flooring to the subfloor.

Sheet sizes are 1.2m x 2.4m, and as a result the sizes ordered are normally:

  • 4.8m x 6m.
  • 6m x 6m.

One or a combination of these options can help ensure your party is remembered for years to come.